Twigs In My Kitchen.

Yep, you read right.  I’ve got Twigs in my kitchen.  This past weekend I felt compelled to start some of the holiday decorating, while keeping things to a minimum.  Every Year I like to change things up a bit, go with a theme, use the kids ornaments that they make at school on the tree, things as such…

Here are some of my past projects from years ago….   DIY Ornament Wreath.  This baby took awhile to create, but well worth the effort.

DIY Ornament Wreath

Simple Greens Arrangment

Christmas for some reason is not a season that I enjoy spending a lot of money on. In the context of Decorating my home.   Not sure exactly why, probably becuase if I buy a lot of decor that is worth more, I then have to store it all year round.  I know myself..  I also like to switch things up every year, so its just not worth spending the Bucks!

Ingrid Oomen’s Living room: House and Home Magazine

When I first saw Ingrid Oomens home in the House and Home Magazine December 2012 issue, to be honest  at first I didn’t think I liked  it.  Who would put a tree in their house?

Then I stepped back a while and thought about my own kitchen and how this concept would look fabulous with the minimalisitic approach/design wise I  took with it.  We’ve been saving for a while to take the kids on a trip and this year, so this year  is not the year  to spend a lot of dollars on decor in my home for the holidays.  So one chilly night this past weekend, I cut down one dogwood tree almost to  the stump and brought it in my home.  I figured if I ended  up hating it, no loss.  We have 30 more in the yard just like it.

If you would like to see the video of her home, it’s just a click away here. 

For me, I always lean more to the approach that different should be given a chance, and the usual Christmas decor such as the pointsettas and Nativity scenes are just as wonderul.  It all really just depends on your Homes style, your taste, and really your tolerence for all things Christmas.  I know people that like to decorate  their home from Top to Bottom all Christmas and they love it, and for others they only put up a Christmas tree and are perfectly happy with that. Go with what you love,  not with what you see everyone else doing….

When I finish my dogwood tree arrangment,  I’ll post some pictures of it.  Fingers crossed for sooner than later.
How about you, how do you like to decorate for the holidays, and how much?



  1. I was walking around my neighborhood and my neighbour was getting rid of some branches so I thought, I collect them and use them to decorate my home at Christmas time.
    I am not a interior designer but it looks like professional designers have the same idea :) Cool!

    Loooooove this idea, thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m anticipating your reveal already from your sneak peek on fb. 😉

  3. I totally get where you’re coming from, Jodi. For me, I think I like to change things up, but I always seem to end up back where I started as far as colours and flair. So now I’m working on embracing what I clearly seem to like regardless of the woulds, coulds, and shoulds curse, and refining it from there. There is so much eye candy at this time of the year, that I think there’s something to be said for a minimalist approach. Looking forward to your pics!

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