The Future Addition To Our Ensuite Bathroom.

We’ve been in our home for almost 10 years and we have yet to do anything custom to our en suite master bath.  A few years back we intended on Tearing down the wall that separates our walk in closet to provide us a larger bathroom, but we decided that it just wasn’t something that we wanted to spend our time and money on.  Certain spaces in my home I do admit that I am very happy that we have been blessed with a large eat in kitchen that can host lots of people, but I really okay that our en suite bathroom  is smaller.  It really comes down to how you use your home and what’s important to you.

Our current space in our bathroom is a very workable space, but we need to address some of the storage. We currently have one of these cabinets in our bathroom that only has doors, and no drawers.  Seriously what were the builders thinking?  These are some of the red flags for you to keep in mind if you are looking to purchase a new home.

  • What steps have the builders taken to design a home for you that is not only unique but works really well?
  • Did they build it with the future home owners interests at heart?
  • Did they have their designers choose finishes and colours that not builder basic or materials that  have the best chance to stand the test of time?

One example I can think of and this is a personal example.  Some builders install the very cheapest laminate they can find, or install near white carpet!  I’ve personally had flooring installers install  a mid range laminate, and was it amazing!  I’m all for laminate, wood, etc. I’m not a wood snob by any means, but my job is to guide and instruct people to make the best decisions for their lives in their home.

White or near white carpet was installed in our home and every day when I look at what remains in my home I shake my head!  I’m encouraged as I speak with various groups building properties today. They are developing projects that not only push the elements in design, creating kitchens that are far from the usual, adding custom touches when ever they can even in small doses. This is huge and I could talk to you about this forever.  I realize that you don’t have forever, nor do you care necessarily care about this as much as I do.

That’s okay.  The main goal for purchasing a home is to find one that you love and don’t let anyone tell you other wise.  If you love the finishes, then embrace them!  If you don’t, then you can always  work towards creating spaces in your new home that are custom to you.  

Okay back to our ensuite!  I got off track a little bit.  Or a lot.

So storage has been a challenge for us to be able to keep our toiletries organized.  I really dislike anything on my counters, but with no storage under the sink, it’s made it almost impossible to keep it all clean.

 Clutter + Jodi = a very grumpy person.

We plan to take out the cabinet in the very near future, and replace it with a Ikea GodMorgan unit. just like this one.  You may remember that I wrote a post here about how we wanted to spend some of our Ikea Gift Card that we won at our Blogger west party.

Well this baby is it!  The actual cabinet is a bit bigger and offers a lot more counter space then can be viewed in this photo.  I wanted a vanity that did not have very much counter space intentionally.   Just enough space to put on make up, put in my contacts, etc.  We wanted a fairly modern looking piece that would really last for us.

Godmorgan Ikea unit in Birch

This unit is just what we had in mind, and at a great price.  I’ll let you know what I think of it after it’s all installed and we’ve purchases all the coordinating pieces to keep everything all organized and minimal.  That’s the goal people.  Minimal.

So everything will look organized like this…’s to hoping.

This added addition to our Bathroom will set the tone for the space.  Clean, uncluttered,  modern and of course I will throw in some custom ideas to balance it all.  That’s my approach when it comes to big box store items.  They can add extreme value to your space to keep your budget in check, which leaves you more budget for the items that you really want to spend your money on.

In this bathroom I’d rather spend the money on the custom floors and tile work in our shower.  I’m pondering huge slabs of stone, or  I also have a source for porcelain materials in extremely large format which means NO GROUT!!!!!

This is one of my inspiration photos.


Via Style at Home

I’m looking forward to Darryl Installing it!  Hmmm what do you think I could bribe him with?

May be one of these?

Photos by Darryl Bueckert Photography

Photos by Darryl Bueckert Photography

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  1. I know that…

    Future addition to ensuite + Jodi will = a very happy person! :-)

    You will rock this one, too, and I’m looking forward to following along with any posts you share on your progress. Love your inspiration photo, BTW!

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