DIY Flash Card Art

A few months ago I realized I had some neat looking flash cards lying around the house that got given to my kids and I knew just what I wanted to do with them.  This is just a simple DIY idea if you are looking for something for a play room, child’s bedroom, but in my case I hung it in my kitchen as I liked the pop of Black and white that it gave our space.  My Daughter will be learning multiplication in January, so this art will be a good opportunity for learning.


So This Ikea Frame +  the Flash cards =  A  great simple DIY Art project.

Ikea Ribba Frame

Ikea Ribba Frame

I attached each Card in a grid pattern and I’m super thrilled how unique it is, and didn’t cost me anything!  If you’re anything like me, I get tired of things pretty fast and I like to switch up my walls a lot.  If you are, this type of project may just be right for you!

You could also use addition, division,  other facts, ABC’s, or basically any learning tool you have.  If it’s flat, then you can frame it!

photo via my i phone

photo via my i phone

I love DIY art projects,  if you want to see some of our other ones, you can check out this post too!

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  1. Very creative, and very cool, Jodi!

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