Built In Bunk Beds For Our Kids.

This past spring I shared with you that we really had the desire to join our 2 kids rooms into one sleeping room, by building built-in bunk beds for our 2 children  to solve some minor, yet challenging issues with the kids. Those issues I will not get into, but I will say “Why” we’ve made some of these decisions.

This transition concept was “birthed”, not because Darryl and I wanted to take on another project… although we love building. We decided that One room would be the play room/hanging out room, and their Bedroom  will only be for sleeping and quiet activities.  No horse-play, no games, just reading and sleeping.

photo by Lincolin Barber

It was conceived for these reasons:

  • Teamwork. I wanted to Develop More teamwork between my oldest child , and my youngest child.  They are very different individuals, and they weren’t getting along very well with each other.  With sharing a room, both of them are responsible for how they interact in this room while the other one is still sleeping, and generally need to be mindful of the other person while they share this room.  Considerate Kids Now = Considerate Kids when they grow up as Adults.
  • Creating more responsibility. Like on a sports team or a business organization, if one person doesn’t do the job they said they would do, you’ve let the team down.  If one child doesn’t pick up their  clothes, or the other doesn’t make their  bed they haven’t worked as a team. You’re might be thinking that this is way overboard, but it’s something that I really believe in.  I’m trying my best to raise Mindful kids who excel in life now, so they are ready for what life hands them down the road. I believe one of the starting points is work ethic.  I tried to teach this concept to my 5-year-old this past summer, and it truly wasn’t the right moment,  which backfired in my face.  I tried to discuss work ethic on the job by saying that one day that when they move out of our home they will get a job and live somewhere else.  This resulted in a child crying: “I don’t want to live by myself…!!!!” That didn’t go very well, and I waited for another better time to have this conversation. 

    I learn something new as a parent every day. 

I worked with Darryl on the design concept, and provided a few drawings of what I was looking for.  With  Some pinterest inspiration and he got out his tools, and worked super hard on the beds.  I’ve filled and painted the beds, and I should mention that this did take a while to accomplish. After all,  the world wasn’t created in one Day either! :)

This is the start of the beds being made,  I’ll definitely  show you the final pictures when the room is all done.  My oldest  asks us at least every 2 weeks when the room will be photographed… All in due time my child…  Just the crown molding to be installed, and this room is done for now.

In the process


Sorry, bad iphone photo.  I find if I wait for the perfect opportunity or I wait for Darryl to be able to take a photo, I just end of forgetting.

Thanks for stopping in to listen to the life of our family,  Take care.




  1. Angela WRIGHT says:

    Was hoping you’d share how your kid’s room and bunk bed turned out. We’re getting ready to combine our boys almost 4 and 9 together. I loved your teamwork and responsibility reasons. Thanks

    • Good timing. I have a few details to finish in the room and will be shooting it in the next few weeks. I expect that Jodi will post about it shortly after. In the mean time, did you have any specific questions about the space as it relates to your upcoming project?

  2. Wow you go girl! It looks awesome so far- what a creative mind you have :) I cannot wait to see the finished product!
    Love D xo

  3. I love the white-washed clap board built ins. It’s simple, and not overdone.
    Pinned for my next renovation! Thanks.

  4. Parenting. Enough said! I admire your approach, and am with Meesh. Great to go with built-ins – they’ll far out-style, outlast, and outshine anything you will find ‘out’ there!

  5. Wow, now that’s a project! I can tell already it’s going to be amazing. I love that you decided to go with built-in bunk beds, SO much better than anything you can buy. You guys definitely have the skills! :)

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